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Spinacia oleracea L.
Order: Caryophyllales Takht.
Family: Chenopodiaceae (lobodnjače (Hr), Schlosser, J.C.K.; Vukotinović, Lj., 1869 3132lobode (Hr), Horvatić, S., 1954 1819)
Genus: Spinacia (Spinat (De), Anonymus, 1984 7744spinach (En), Anonymus, 1984 7744epinard (Fr), Anonymus, 1984 7744špinat (Hr), Toni Nikolićšpinat (Hr), Nikolić, T., 2019 12707)
Place of publishing: Sp. Pl. 1027 (1753)

Taxon author(s) 1. Carl von,Carl von Linnaeus,Linné
Synonyms: Spinacia glabra Mill., sinonim (s), Mill., Gard. Dict., ed. 8. 1768.Spinacia glabra Miller, sinonim (s)Spinacia inermis Moench, sinonim (s), Moench, Methodus. 1794.Spinacia oleracea subsp. glabra (Mill.) Cout., sinonim (s), Cout., Fl. Portugal. 1913.Spinacia spinosa Moench, sinonim (s), Moench, Methodus. 1794.
Common names: spinača (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256špinac (Hr), Hirc, D., 1907 666špinač (Hr), Visiani, R., 1842 5573spinač (Hr), Horvatić, S., 1954 1819španac (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256spinac (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256spanać (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256spinach (En), Lemoine, E.; Izrael, F. F., 2002 7733španjak (Hr), Visiani, R., 1842 5573spanak (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256špinak (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256špinat (Hr), Horvatić, S., 1954 1819goli špinat (Hr), Nikolić, T., 2019 12707
Status: Endemic NO , Spourious NO
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