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Juncus inflexus L.
Order: Poales Small
Family: Juncaceae (sitače (Hr), Schlosser, J.C.K.; Vukotinović, Lj., 1869 3132sitovi (Hr), Horvatić, S., 1954 1819)
Genus: Juncus (set (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256sitek (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256sit (Hr), Domac, R., 1994 4sit (Hr), Nikolić, T., 2019 12707šašica (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256sitje (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256sičika (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256sitak (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256šašika (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256sitina (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256sip (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256bičje (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256šćit (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256setinec (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256sitinec (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256bara (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256žuka vodena (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256bika divja (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256sitinac (Hr), Horvatić, S., 1954 1819)
Place of publishing: Sp. Pl. 326 (1753)

Taxon author(s) 1. Carl von,Carl von Linnaeus,Linné
Synonyms: Juncus acutus Thuill., sinonim (s)Juncus angelisii Ten., sinonim (s)Juncus brachytepalus (Trauv.) V. I. Krecz. et Gontsch., sinonim (s)Juncus deangelisii Bertol., sinonim (s)Juncus depauperatus Ten., sinonim (s)Juncus diaphragmarius Brot., sinonim (s)Juncus elatus Steud., sinonim (s)Juncus glaucus Sibth., sinonim (s), Fl. Oxon. 1794.Juncus glaucus var. inflexus (L.) Spenn., sinonim (s), Fl. Friburg. 1. 1825.Juncus longicornis Bastard, sinonim (s), J. Bot. Agric. 1: 20 (1814)Juncus pallidus Hoppe non R. Br., sinonim (s)Juncus paniculatus Hoppe non Lucé, sinonim (s)Juncus reflexus Wender., sinonim (s)Juncus tenax Banks et Sol., sinonim (s)Juncus tenax Poir., sinonim (s), Encycl., Suppl. 3. 1813.Juncus tenax var. glaucus Poir., sinonim (s), Encycl., Suppl. 3. 1813.
Common names: pavir (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256oštrica (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256sita (Hr), Visiani, R., 1842 5573metličasti sit (Hr), Domac, R., 1994 4metličasti sit (Hr), Nikolić, T., 2019 12707zukva (Hr), Visiani, R., 1842 5573
Status: Endemic NO , Spourious NO
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