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Plantago media L.
Order: Lamiales Bromhead
Family: Plantaginaceae (terputnice (Hr), Schlosser, J.C.K.; Vukotinović, Lj., 1869 3132terputnjače (Hr), Schlosser, J.C.K.; Vukotinović, Lj., 1876 141trpuci (Hr), Horvatić, S., 1954 1819)
Genus: Plantago (bokva (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256poputnik (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256tkanica (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256trputac (Hr), Domac, R., 1994 4trputac (Hr), Nikolić, T., 2019 12707trputec (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256trpuc (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256kukčeva trava (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256babika (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256lepušić ženski (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256bokvica (Hr), Horvatić, S., 1954 1819tariput (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256janjeći jezik (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256krputec (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256bokavac (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256bukovac (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256)
Place of publishing: Sp. Pl. 113 (1753)

Taxon author(s) 1. Carl von,Carl von Linnaeus,Linné
Synonyms: Plantago media subsp. nevadensis (Willk.) Malag., sinonim (s), Malag. 1979.Plantago media subsp. stepposa (Kuprian.) Soó, sinonim (s), Soó in Acta Bot. Acad. Sci. Hung. 13. 1967.Plantago media subsp. urvilleana (Rapin) Hultén, sinonim (s), Hultén in Kongl. Svenska Vetenskapsakad. Handl. ser. 3, 13. 1971.Plantago media var. media L., sinonim (s)Plantago media var. nevadensis Willk., sinonim (s), Willk. in Willk. & Lange, Prodr. Fl. Hispan. 2. 1868.Plantago media var. urvilleana Rapin, sinonim (s)Plantago oblongifolia Schur, sinonim (s), Schur in Oesterr. Bot. Z. 10. 1860.Plantago oblongifolia Schur non Decne., sinonim (s)Plantago plicata Schott, sinonim (s)Plantago plicata Schott, Nyman & Kotschy, sinonim (s), Schott, Nyman & Kotschy, Analect. Bot. 1854.Plantago stepposa Kuprian., sinonim (s), Kuprian. in Trudy Bot. Inst. Akad. Nauk S. S. S. R., Ser. 1, Fl. Sist. Vyssh. Rast. 3. 1937.Plantago urvillei Opiz, sinonim (s), Oekon.-Techn. Fl. Böhm. 2(1). 1838
Common names: dugoklasni trputec (Hr), Schlosser, J.C.K.; Vukotinović, Lj., 1876 141troputac (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256bokvica sridnja (Hr), Šulek, B., 1879 1256srednji trputac (Hr), Domac, R., 1994 4srednji trputac (Hr), Nikolić, T., 2019 12707prpotec (Hr), Haračić, A., 1894 783
Status: Endemic NO , Spourious NO
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