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New Module in Flora Croatica Database


Accordingly to the data needfulness and existing Flora Croatica Database structure, the module for updating taxa about uses and economic values are developed, mostly following the structure suggested by TDWG. This concept is somewhat adapted and altered according to the inner claims, but only in the sense of its enhancements and augmentation of the functionality. For this new database module is than custom-made Internet interface to enable the most common browsing approach. The design follow up the visual identity of FCD. 


General Searching Recommendations


Important note

The part of taxa with records on uses, some times with traditional uses, are in the same time threatened taxa. The contents of database and results of searching are not invitation for collecting plants, especially those threatened or/and protected by the Nature Protection Act (i.e. Mandragora officinarum L., Gentiana lutea L. ssp. symphyandra (Murb.) Hayek, Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng., Arnica montana L., Daphne blagayana Freyer, Digitalis ferruginea L., Ilex aquifolium L., many orchids, etc).

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