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What botanical gardens are for, and what the basic tasks of the experts, the botanists, are, we have already described (Concerning the Garden). Apart from these primary tasks, we are attempting to bring individual activities in the Garden up to date (in line with world trends, but also, and primarily, in accordance with our financial capacities).  In 2003 we set up a small laboratory for the in vitro cultivation of rare and endangered plants of the Croatian flora.

New ex situ conservation programme is starting in the spring 2008. By a special licence of the Croatian Nature Protection Agency, The Botanical Garden is allowed to propagate an sell Degenia velebitica, protected, and a very rare Croatian stenoednemic plant species. We intend to expand the program to several other endemic plant species as well. This will contribute to protecting the natural populations from extinction caused by unconscious collecting of the plants.

The computer database set up the previous year (data input in progress) will facilitate the monitoring of plants growing in the garden (in the future this will be partially accessible on-line). The database will contain scientific (nomenclature, systematics, ecology) and practical (cultivation, history, location) data. 

Our objective is to modernise the existing seed room and to set up a seed-bank for the high-quality storage of the plant seeds collected in the Garden and in natural habitats (especially of endemic, rare and threatened plants of the Croatian flora).

For some years now we have been running a project for the  renovation of the Velebit Botanical Garden on Zavi×an.


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