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The Garden
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The garden and all things in it (buildings, infrastructure, plants and animals) have been protected since 1971 as a monument of nature and culture.  Accordingly, could we kindly ask you to abide by the following regulations during your stay in the Garden ?


It is forbidden:
  • To break, damage and take away plants, plant parts, fruits and seeds
  • To walk on the green areas and the rock gardens
  • To ride bicycles, motor-bikes, skate-boards, scooters, skates…
  • Alienate, tear and move the labels with the names of the plants
  • Bring in dogs (exceptions are guide dogs for the blind) and other pets
  • Disturb and chase the creatures in the Garden (birds, tortoises, frogs, fish, snails, insects…)
  • Make a noise, listen to loud music or in any other disturb the other visitors
  • Take photographs with a commercial intention without a permit from the Administration of the Garden.
For any additional information, please ask any member of the staff of the Garden.

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