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Croatia is a small country in the south-eastern Europe, bordering the Adriatic Sea (the Mediterranean), between European Union (Italy, Slovenia and Hungary) and Bosnia Herzegovina. Even though its total area is only 56,542 square km, Croatia is very diverse in geography, culture, flora and fauna. The capital is Zagreb, located in the central continental part of the country.


The Botanical Garden of the University of Zagreb (Faculty of Science) is located in the centre of Zagreb, just one tram station from the Central Railway Station, or a 10-minute walk from the main square (The Jelacic Square). Public entrances are located along the northern side of the Garden, from the Mihanoviceva Street (at the end of Gundulićeva St.).

Visiting Hours
The Garden is open to the public from 1 April till 1 November (also during fair spring and autumn weather in March and November), on all holidays except Assumption day (15 August), All Saints' Day (1 November) and Easter! The Garden is close during Winter!

The Garden is closed to the public  in case of extreme weather!


Regular visiting hours

monday-tuesday 9.oo-14.3o There is no

entrance fee !

wednesday-sunday 9.oo-19.oo (18.oo*)
* In early Spring (March) and late Autumn  (October)


The Garden sopens to the Public early in March, in case of warm and fair weather;
monday-tuesday 9.oo-14.3o
wednesday-sunday 9.oo-17.oo
The Garden stays open to the Public after winter time change, during November, as follows:
monday-tuesday 9.oo-14.3o
wednesday-sunday 9.oo-16.oo

The Exhibition pavillion (May-October)
wednesday-sunday 12.oo-18.oo (17.oo*)
monday-tuesday 9.oo-14.3o  
wednesday-sunday 9.oo-19.oo (18.oo*)
* In early Spring and late Autumn


Address and contact:
Botanicki vrt PMF-a, Uprava
Marulicev trg 9a
HR-10000 Zagreb

tel: Monday-Friday from 11 am to 2 pm - (01) 48 98 060
mail: Botanical Garden


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