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Questions & Answers
Read the answers to the questions most commonly asked by our visitors

Why isn't the Garden opened to public during the winter?

Most plants are not so interesting during the winter and some 'hide'  under the snow or ground. Other parts of the Collection are unavailable due to wintering in the greenhouses. The Garden was actually opened to public during two winter seasons but the large number of visitors (and especially kids with sleighs) resulted in a lot of damage to the plants and flowerbeds.



Why aren't the greenhouses opened to public?

The collection of exotic plants grew quite quickly so that the greenhouses were full some 10 years after the Garden has been founded. Only a couple of people can be in any of the greenhouses at the same time because of this lack of space. That's why we try to take out as many plants as we can during the spring. These are accessible to visitors in different parts of the arboretum.



Why aren't visitors allowed to walk/sit/lie on the grass?

Many wild flower species (violets, crocuses, primulas etc.) grow freely in the Garden, and they are part of the collection as well. To protect them from damage we ask the visitors to use the marked paths only.



How come there is no entrance fee?

The grounds on which the Garden was set in 1889 were a gift from the City of Zagreb to the University. The only compensation for it was an agreament to open the doors of the Garden to the visitors, free of charge. We still hold to this 115 years old tradition.



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