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During the whole year round, seeds of herbaceous annuals and perennials and of woody plants are collected in the arboretum, the glasshouses and the nurseries.  Some of the seeds are meant for the Garden's own use; each year, at the end of winter, numerous varieties of different kind of annuals are sown, which will in spring be planted out on the parterre and by the lake. The collection of perennials is renewed from the seed material collected or from cuttings.  Seeds are also collected by expert associates during field research each year. Most of the seed is stored in paper bags and on shelves in the premises of the seed store, while sensitive and rare seeds are kept at +4 C in refrigerators.   In the future, we plan for the modernisation of the seed store and the founding of a seed bank. 


Most of the seed is used for exchange with other botanical gardens in the rest of the world.  Via such non-commercial swaps, the collections of botanical gardens are constantly being enriched and growing.  For decades now, we have been exchanging seeds with some three hundred gardens and arboreta. For this purpose, every year we draw up our list of seeds for exchange purpose, Delectus seminum, as we call it, which is available in printed form or on line (pdf format). 


Following the international Convention on Biological Diversity (Rio de Janeiro ­ 1992), article 15 (access to genetic ressources) especially concerning the exchange of plant material, we have adopted a policy on supplying seeds to the scientific and horticultural community according to the following conditions:
  • The plant material is used solely for scientific research, conservation of species and the development of recognized collections.
  • We expect that any research publication resulting from the use of the plant material will acknowledge the AMU Botanical Garden as a supplier, and that we receive an unsolicited reprint.
  • By ordering seeds from the AMU Botanic Garden, the recipient accepts and pledges to respect the above conditions.

Seeds from this Index Seminum are offered for exchange with botanic gardens, arboreta and other scientific institutions and may be used exclusively for scientific, educational, and nature conservation purposes.


Delectus seminum 2017.pdf 



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