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If you want to find out a bit more about the Garden and its collection, if you need expert advice or would like to take a larger group around the garden with a guide, then get in touch with the Administration of the  Garden any weekday between 8.00 and 14.00 hours:

Botanicki vrt PMF-a, Uprava
Marulicev trg 9a
HR-10000 Zagreb

tel: (++ 3851) 48 98 060
mail: Botanical Garden

  Expert advice

Visitors and citizens often address the Administration of the Garden looking for advice connected with the cultivation of plants and with botanical problems generally. Expert associates do their best to help when it is a matter of relatively short or simple requests.  Any lengthy problem related to the identity of species or details about cultivation, and translations (jobs that require a lot of time and work) have to be charged for.

  Guided tours
  Every year many groups visit the Garden, groups of various ages and interests; there are preschool children and elementary and secondary school pupils, there are students, members of the public and experts. For all such groups we can lay on a guided tour through the Garden (adapted in its style and content to the individual group, in English). The tour lasts about one hour, and there is a 5 EUR charge pro person for this service, for a group of at max. 15 people

Guided tour has to be booked at the Administration at least 5 days in advance!

  Publications and souvenirs

You can find out more about the Garden and its collection from the Pocket Guide to the Botanical Garden, which was produced in 2002. The guide contains nuggets of useful information and colourful photos, a map of the Garden and a small botanical glossary.  It is available in Croatia, English and German (for a price of 10 kuna) in the info kiosk by the main entrance to the Garden.  Here you can also buy souvenirs (biros, pads and badges) as well as postcards with photographs of plants from the Croatian flora that we cultivate in the garden.


The Guide is also available as an interactive CD*

* Adobe Flash Player needed (min. version 9.0)

  Croatian flora postcards


“The Botanical Garden of the Science Faculty of the University of Zagreb” [in Croatian] published to mark the centenary of the foundation of the Garden is available in bookshops. The book’s author is  Dr Ljerka Regula-Bevilacqua, former director of the Garden.


During the season, in our exhibition pavilion the monograph 'Exhibition pavilion of the Botanical Garden' [in Croatian] is also available. It depicts the long history and the conservation project of this beautiful building. Authors of the monograph are Mladen Perusic i Biserka Juretic.

Book price: 100 kn


Plant sale


We sell plants that were propagated during the winter and spring, and were not used for the collection. The plants are classically propagated and therefore very resistant and acclimatized to Zagreb's continental climate. We sell mostly garden perennials, shrubs and some popular trees (ginkgo, dawn redwood), on occasion even decorative 'house' plants. The prices are moderate, ranging from 5 to 20 kn (100-1000 kn for very old and large specimens: palms, ficus trees, Mediterranean shrubs).



will be held on September 26 and 27

from 9 am to 5 pm

(by the greenhouses)

  REMARK: The Garden does not have a public parking lot, and the cars are not allowed in!

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