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└─ Slava Raskaj
└─ Pavilion Restoration



Restoration of the Botanical Garden Exhibition Pavilion


Browse through some images and find out about the 3-year long process of the restoration of this little pearl of exhibition architecture from the 19th century.



September 2007.  Ribbon-cutting ceremony

The Exhibition Pavilion was open in a Ribbon-cutting ceremony, during the University Garden Party and New academic year celebration.

The Pavilion will be open to Public in a series of interesting Exhibitions next season (2008).


Garden Manager, Mr. sc. B. Juretic, with the Zagreb City Mayor M. Bandic and the Zagreb University Rector, Prof. dr. sc. M. Bjelis, cutting the ribbon.


July 2007.  Final touches

Outer decorative wooden panneling completed.



May 2007.  Finishing work

Final work on inner and outer walls, panneling, glass areas, fences etc.

Ličenje glavnog ulaza
Restoration chronology
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04.04.2006. 01.03.2005. 13.12.2005. 02.12.2005.
23.11.2005. 15.11.2005. 25.10.2005. 11.09.2005.
20.08.2005. 20.07.2005. 14.07.2005. 11.07.2005.
21.06.2005. 03.06.2005. 25.05.2005. 03.05.2005.

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